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Jeremy Hunt unveils ‘fully funded’ social care reforms.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt hails ‘fully-funded solution’ to the problem of elderly people in England who cannot afford social care. With up to 40,000 people forced into selling their homes each year because they face unlimited care bills, the Health Secretary’s aim is for England to be one of the first countries in the world which creates a system where people don’t have to sell their own house. The solution is expected to include a £75,000 cap on the costs people pay for care and a rise in the threshold for means-tested support from £23,250 to £123,000.

So, how are people expected to find/free up £75,000? One hope is that the insurance industry will start to engage with the care in crisis issue by developing products that would cover old age social care. Hunt who revealed that he wants people to have personal insurance to cover the first £75,000 of payments towards social care said “just as people make provisions for their pensions in their 20s and 30s, so we also need to be a country that prepares for social care as well”.

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How does the social care system work currently? Why is reform necessary? What happens elsewhere?

BBC News health provides social care Q&A’s…

What is Dilnot?

Andrew Dilnot CBE is the British economist and broadcaster leading the ‘Commission on Funding of Care and Support’ for the elderly.

The commission was an independent body tasked by Government with reviewing the funding system for care and support in England. He is also the author of the report which details the reviews findings.

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Government sets out approach to new ‘single tier’ state pension

The long awaited White Paper on State Pension reform was published recently. The reforms intend to produce a fairer system for those who have had years of low earnings and caring responsibilities.

By creating a simpler system which reduces the need for means-testing the reforms aim to make planning for retirement easier. The White Paper sets out plans for a single-tier State Pension of around £144 a week for people reaching State Pension age and is most likely to start from April 2017 onwards.

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Philip Rochman celebrates his 100th birthday     Philip Rochman celebrates his 100th Birthday

Philip Rochman celebrates his 100th BirthdayA birthday surprise for Philip

As a surprise for the great grandfather she had never previously met, Scarlet Sternberg (6 months old) flew all the way from California, with her parents Selena and Nick, to celebrate Philip Rochman’s 100th birthday on February 1st. Mr Rochman is a resident of Jewish Care’s Rosetrees care home in Friern Barnet.

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